DipZoom: Deep Internet Performance Zoom

DipZoom (for ``Deep Internet Performance Zoom'') is an approach to provide focused, on-demand Internet measurements. Unlike approaches that attempt a difficult task of building a measurement platform with sufficiently diverse measurements and measuring hosts, DipZoom offers a matchmaking service instead, which brings together experimenters in need of measurements with external measurement providers. It then harnesses market forces to orchestrate the supply and demand sides in the resulting open eco-system. (The experimental deployment did not implement the market system but instead used a simplified peer-to-peer approach that only required a user to set up a measurement point for others in order to be able to request any measurements.).

In its philosophy, DipZoom can be viewed as a predecessor to the RIPE Atlas measurement platform with software probes except that in addition to programmatic scripting of measurement experiments, DipZoom also allows interactive explorative measurement sessions through a human-centric GUI client. The DipZoom platform has been decommissioned. If you are interested in resurrecting its deployment, contact Michael Rabinovich at michael DOT rabinovich AT case DOT e-d-u for source code (written in Java so should still be valid) and instructions. Some artifacts from the project are provided below.


Sample course project (used in the "Computer Networks -1" course for several years)

Sample code for scripted measurement experiment:

This research was supported by NSF through Grants CNS-0721890 and CNS-0520105.